Alien Hands Syndrome Causes And Symptoms

Alien hands syndrome is a rare neurological syndrome that has some causes and symptoms. Alien hands syndrome is the condition in which the parts of the body can move on its own without being ordered. As if that part of the body has its own mind and will. This syndrome usually affects the hand but in some cases, there are also legs. Alien hand syndrome may be produced by a number of etiologies of cerebral damage and more than one specific region of cerebral damage. This syndrome can affect anyone especially at the age above 30 years old.

Alien Hands Syndrome Causes and Symptoms
Alien Hands Syndrome

Alien Hands Syndrome 

The causes of alien hands syndrome are varied. Alien hands syndrome may occur after neurosurgical procedures, particularly when there is an incision involving the corpus callosum or may be caused by trauma or disruption to the brain. Because of the causes by a brain defect, this disease cannot be cured until now. The symptoms can be treated by doing therapy regularly. In the case of the Alien Hands Syndrome or AHS, the conscious brain cannot control the infected part of the body but the subconscious brain that moves it.

Alien Hands Syndrome Symptoms and Diagnosis

A lack of hand control is the most prominent symptom of alien hand. The hands move involuntarily without cognitive control or awareness. The hand movements are not spastic or convulsive but purposeful and coordinated. Normal movements such as picking up objects, touching the face are all characteristics of alien hand syndrome. Someone who suffered from this syndrome usually explains that the hands are controlled by someone else.

According to the case reports in the medical literature, alien hand syndrome is truly a neurological disorder without a psychiatric component. This can be confusing during the diagnostic stage because the true psychiatric disorders diagnosis is more common than AHS. A complaint like a hand moving on its own is more likely alien hand syndrome based on the statistics alone. Therefore, careful observation and evaluation are required for the diagnosis of alien hand syndrome.

Some methods have been successfully used in the treatment of alien hand syndrome include therapies directed at muscle control. A study that published in the journal Neurologist reveals that botulinum toxin injections can help manage this syndrome. Cognitive therapy techniques also have been used with cooperation from the majority of patients with moderate efficacy.

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