CBD Gummies for ADHD: What the Experts Say

CBD Gummies for ADHD

CBD oil has been revolutionizing the Health and Wellness industry as of late, and there’s no stopping in sight — CBD treatment is here to stay. You can find CBD products in all shapes and sizes: in antiseizure medications, in lotions, in lattes, and facials. And with products like our CBD Gummies, it is easier than ever to use CBD in a way that is right for you and your lifestyle.

What Can CBD Do For Me?

But how effective is the treatment really, and what do the medical experts say about it? Sure, it may be relaxing, or boost your brain focus during the afternoon slump, or help with pain management, but in terms of actual diagnosed conditions, can CBD products help? If CBD is so good for reducing anxiety and increasing focus, can it be used to help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Before we get to answering this question, let’s recap what CBD is, where it comes from, and what we know about it. Then, we’ll discuss how it could help manage a variety of ADHD symptoms.

As a reminder, please consult with your doctor before using any CBD product to treat health conditions. Our CBD Gummies are helpful, but they are not intended to be used as a medical replacement or substitution. If you have or suspect a diagnosed condition, talk to your doctor about what treatments could be right for you.

Remind Me: What is CBD Again?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound that can be extracted from the Cannabis plant family. CBD is a nonpsychoactive compound and one of almost 100 compounds in Cannabis. It is used in all sorts of products for a variety of medical and non-medical purposes.

CBD is most often compared to THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the other well-known compound that is extracted from the Cannabis plant family and is the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana and what people use to get high. The two are from the same plant family and look similar in chemical makeup, but they are completely different in how they interact with the brain and the human body.

Can I Get High From CBD?

You cannot get high from CBD products. As mentioned above, CBD is a nonpsychoactive compound, so users are not at risk of getting high. However, as a disclaimer, some manufacturers make CBD products that have trace amounts of THC in them, which may cause psychoactive effects, therefore making them an unsafe treatment for children.

What Kind of CBD Do You Use in Your Gummies?

We use Full Spectrum CBD, which means there is 0% THC possible. The “Full Spectrum” part refers to the fact that our products contain several strains of CBD to encourage the widest range of benefits possible.

How Can CBD Help?

A recent study shows that cannabidiol oil can help manage a variety of symptoms and bring about a host of improvements. CBD can be used to regulate moods, improve sleep, sharpen focus, cut down on inflammation, and a variety of other uses. It can be used to relax your nervous system, and help you get through tough meetings, but research has shown correlations between CBD and slowing down Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. So, no matter your ache, pain, or ailment, CBD could help manage your symptoms. So, what does that mean for those that have ADHD?

Can CBD Gummies Help My ADHD?

All research surrounding CBD is relatively new. It is a recent trend, and although it may be here to stay, we cannot deny how new it is to the medical scene.

At face value, there is a lot more research about CBD helping manage epilepsy and anxiety than there is about ADHD. Even then, most of the research available revolves around CBD and the cannabis plant itself, not necessarily the specific conditions it has treated.

What Does Research Say?

While there may be plenty of anecdotes and correlations, there is currently no research that validates the claim that CBD can adequately manage ADHD. An article in ADDitude Mag, which is a hub for research about ADD/ADHD treatments, quotes Dr. Ryan Vandry:

“I am not aware of any scientific or clinical data that would speak to the safety or efficacy of using CBD in the treatment of ADHD,” says Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D., a member of John Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit. “There is no scientific basis from which CBD should be recommended for use as a treatment for ADHD, nor is there any data that could speak to which product or dose would be appropriate.”

Furthermore, the article mentions the study, or lack there-of: According to Mitch Earleywine, professor of psychology at SUNY-Albany and an advisory board member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), there is “no published data, let alone randomized clinical trials, [that] support the use of CBD for ADHD.”

Where Do We Go From Here?

The lack of research isn’t a death sentence. Ultimately, it just means that there is much work left to do in determining how exactly CBD could impact conditions like ADHD and be an effective treatment. As CBD continues to dominate the market and many discussions around the dinner table, there are a couple of things to note.

ADHD symptoms are usually categorized distinctively as hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. CBD has been used and found effective to regulate moods, relax the nervous system, bring about focus, and increase clarity in patients. So just because the specific research does not exist yet, doesn’t mean that CBD couldn’t be a helpful treatment in managing systems.

However, most ADHD trials involve children, and CBD products are not recommended for the treatment of children, once again, due to their novelty and the limited research regarding their impact on brain development.

Ultimately, what we know about cannabidiol oil should encourage us to positive thinking, but we should not throw caution to the wind, either. As the research grows and experience with CBD is gained, experts will be able to take a more conclusive stance on how CBD oil can and should be used as an alternative treatment for ADHD patients.

This article is originally published at SundayScaries.

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